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Following are most popular Survival, Tactical Bows

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Ancestors in many cultures around the world used this same basic survival tool. There is a very good reason for that, it's a very basic compulsory survival skill. Both for hunting and for protection from unknown. If you are a survivalist this is a must have skill. And this guide will help you to purchase the best survival/ tactical bow and arrow set.

What is a Take Down bow?

Take Down bows come in three pieces. The middle grip section and two limbs. Assembling and taking down is very simple, you can do it with just the twist of a couple lug screws. This makes it portable and you can easily pack it in your bug out bag. Most take down bows are not heavier than couple of pounds.

PROS of Bow and Arrow

  • Reusability of the arrow. You can simply collect them back for future use.
  • Ease of making a new arrows, with little practice you can easily create new arrows.
  • Bow and arrow is silent. It is an advantage in many situations.
  • Multi-usability. You may use arrows as spears as well. It comes handy as gigs for small game & fish. It can lashed to a longer shaft to make a longer spear which can be used for self defence etc.
    Bow strings can be used as traps, as a cord for various things including shelter building, for trot line fishing, to make a bow drill for fire etc.
  • Take down bow is very portable.

Which weight and size is right for you?

The weight depends on your draw length. It will change approximately two and a half pounds for every inch from a bows rated draw length. Arrow penetration and kinetic energy an arrow has depends on this draw length. The longer your draw length, more deeper your arrow penetrates. If your draw length is shorter, such as 26 inches or less, you will likely have to use a heavier bow such as 45 pounds or even more to get a higher penetration rate.


Beginner bow. Go for this one if you are using a bow for the first time and if you are not a strong guy. This bow is easy to pull, you don't need much strength to use this. Recommender for beginners and teenagers.

25lb, 30lb, 35lb, 40lb:

Recommender for most women. If you are starting out it's better to go with 30-35lb bow as it will be easier to pull. You will have to strengthen your drawing muscles over time by practising a lot. After that you may consider going for a heavier bow.

45lb, 50lb, 55lb, 60lb:

These heavier bows are harder to pull but it has power. These are Good hunting bows.

How to make a bow very quiet?

  • Buy two large rubber washers. Fix it between the riser and limb, one at each end. This will make your bow very quite.
  • Use felt arrow rest.
  • Add cat whisker style string silencers.
  • Use a loop side tape such as the fuzzy part of velcro where the string slaps the limbs near where it hooks onto the limbs.

What is a Bow stringer

A bow stringer is used for stringing any recurve bow or longbow. It is recommended to use a bow stringer when stringing a bow otherwise you risk to void the warranty.

What size of an arrow is right for you?

Every arrow size is not right for everyone. It depends on your draw length. Following are steps to find the best arrow length for you.

  • Outstretch your arms and measure the distance between my middle finger tip to middle finger tip
  • Divide that measurement by 2.5
  • Add 2 to 3 inches to that figure. This is for the arrow head, so does not come into contact with the bow frame. If your arrow head is short add 2 inches. If it's longer than that add 3 inches.
  • This is the arrow length you should look for, from the pit of the knock to the tip of the arrow

Brace height

It is very important to find out your brace height. Wrong brace height can cause painful arm slap. You may consult a professional archer for help on this.

Product reviews

Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bowrecommended

We recommend itrecommended
We highly recommend this.

Riser: Hard Maple and Olive Dymondwood.
Bow String: Dacron Endless loop B-50 bow string.
Recommended Brace Height: 7 ½"- 8 ¼"
Limbs: Hard Maple with Black Fiberglass limbs with Phenolic plastic reinforced tips.
Metal Limb Pocket Design.
Stabilizer and Sight/Quiver.
Brass Bushings for Brass Plunger.
Single Tapered Knob.
Arrow Rest included.
About 5 feet long when setup.
No Bow stringer.
Manufactured by Samick Sports.
No Bow stringer.

This is a good beginner bow, choose this bow if you are new to archery. This bow has earned a reputation as the best starter bow on the market. Samick also has a reputation for quality and stability on their bows. It has everything you look for in a bow yet at an excellent price.

The manufacture, Samick Sports has been manufacturing high-quality bows for almost 40 years.

This is the best survival bow for the money.

The Good

  • Over had rated this with 5 stars stars
  • This is an excellent product, very worth bow for this price. You can buy higher quality bows for much higher prices, but you can't beat this bows price to quality ratio. is an excellent price for this beautiful craftsmanship.
  • Performance it the most crucial part on any bow. There are many bows out there which has high quality elements but when it comes to practical use they fail to perform well. But not this Samick Sage bow. All the part in this bow come together in perfect harmony when shooting an arrow. The draw is smooth, no noticeable vibrations during the release. Hitting the target becomes much easier with this high performer.
  • This is the perfect bow for beginners to target practice, your learning will become much faster as you have a supporting partner bow with you. This bow is designed to develop your shooting ability.
  • Not only it's performance it also has looks. This bow looks so damn awesome you might feel proud by just holding it.
  • The riser is built using a combination of Hard Maple and laminated Olive Dymondwood. It provides extreme durability and good balance in the hand. It includes cut-on center shelf for off the shelf shooting and AMO sight and plunger. It also comes with front stabilizer brass bushings which you may use for installing bow sights, plunger with elevated rest, bow fishing reels, stabilizer etc. It is a high quality riser designed to be durable, easy to tune and customize.
  • Twisted limbs? you may had experience it with some other recurve bows, but not with Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow. These fibreglass laminated hard maple limbs are not twistable and it gives resistance to bending and durability. The tips are reinforced with Phenolic plastic to increase the strength. You may use high end strings such as FastFlight on this bow.
  • Takedown and setup is pretty easy, you can do it with bare hands as it comes with thumb bolts/screws. No need to use any tools such as allen wrenches and no fumbling around with washers as you may had experience with some other bows. This makes it easy to change limbs if you have limbs of different weights. Brass fittings has pretty good thread quality and made to last a long time.
  • Is this a good hunting bow? well yeah. Get a heavier bow above 45 pounds and it is the perfect hunting bow. You may easily hunt a deer from over 30 yards or so.
  • Manoeuvrability: this bow is not the smallest recurve bow in the market. It is 62 inches long, about 5 feet. But it's user friendly takedown mechanism makes it very portable.
  • You might want to keep this as a backup bow. You can pack it in to a small package once taken down.
  • Following limbs from some other manufactures fit this bow: OMP Explorer 2.0

PSE 10 Snake Recurve Bow

Solid fibreglass construction.
Draw weight 22 pounds
Brace Height: 8 3/4"
Length: 60 inches
Ambidextrous design, works for both right handed and left handed shooters.
Made by Arc-Rolan for PSE.

This is a very light weighted (at 22 pounds) bow for beginners. Go for this if you are looking for a cheap beginner bow yet needs a solid product.

The Good

  • You should buy this if you are interested in archery and want to practice without spending much on a bow. It comes is 60 inches (five feet) so this is not ideal for a kid although with it's low draw weight even a forth grader can pull it.
  • Excellent value for money beginner's recurve bow, it is very forgiving, you can pull it pass 30 inches without a harm.
  • It is easy to tune and has a smooth draw. Has a cheap arrow rest but it is durable and and doesn't ruin feather flinchings.
  • The string comes without any wax, you may consider buying a bow string wax as well.
  • Do not buy this bow if you are planning to go hunting with your bow. This bow is only for practising.

Bear Archery Titan Bow

Limbs: Durable composite limbs
Draw weight: 20 to 29 pounds
Draw length: 22 to 28 inches
Overall Length: 60 inches
Right or left hand use
No arrows. No quiver.

Left or right hand usability of this bow allows you to figure out your best hand. This another practise bow targeting youngsters from from 12 years up and beginners. Go for this bow if you are low in cash and want a bow just to try it out.

The Good

  • It a no nonsense, basic but good performing bow to learn the game. Good for target practice. Grip is well made. Very lightweight bow and its easy to handle.
  • You can use this bow using either hand, left or right, so it helps for beginners to switch between hands and figure out their best hand and eye. This a a very easy to use forgiving bow. It will not break easily by silly mistakes done by the novice. All around this is a great bow for the money you pay for it.
  • Not for hunting or competitions, it doesn't have the power for that but it has enough power to get the arrows stuck in tree stumps.

Martin Jaguar Bowrecommended

Draw Weight: 30 Pound
Brace Height: 7 Inches
AMO Length: 60 Inch
Mass Weight: 2.7 Pounds
Right hand bow
Includes owners manual
Draw Weight: 30 Pound
Laminated wood and glass limbs.
Includes arrow rest.
Includes stringing tool.
Solid aluminium raiser

A bow for real gamers, a competition winner! This is the real deal at a very reasonable price. This bow will compete with any expensive bow out there without disappointing you. This is suitable for beginners as well. This is a well recommender bow by real archers who has over 30 year plus experience.

This is one of the best recurve bow for survival.

We recommend itrecommended
We highly recommend this.

The Good

  • This bow has a very smooth draw which is very helpful when aiming at your target. Yet it provides a very powerful shot, enough for big game hunting. The durable riser provides a very comfortable grip. Overall construction and materials used for it are all high quality.
  • Setup and take down is easy but you need to use an allen key. You can easily buy extra limbs for this bow, it has limbs from 30 pounds up to 55 pounds.
  • Included arrow rest may not be everybody's favourite, but you can always replace it with an Aftermarket rest or something better.
  • Good as a hunting bow or as a competition bow. This is an excellent bow in par with any other bow in the market still cost you less than the majority of them.
  • Stringing this bow with the supplied stringing tool make a world of difference, use it.
  • It has a nut for a counterbalance as well as a place for a sight too.
  • The fit and finish of the bow is exceptional for the price.
  • Make sure you will tune it properly, so it become quiet. Otherwise it will be noisy with all the vibration.
  • Included bow stringer works very well and make it easy to string the bow, make sure to use it.

Spirit Takedown Recurve Bow

Limbs: Maple laminated strong fiberglass limbs
Overall Length: 62 inches
Riser is made of chuglam, gmelina arborea, and beech wood.
Draw Weight: 26, 30, 32, 36 LBs
Right hand bow
Recommended shooter heights up 5'7"
Arrow rest, stabilizer not included.
String is factory waxed.

This is an excellent quality starter bow. Get this if you are looking for a starter bow for practising and learning.

The Good

  • This is an extremely difficult to break bow, yet it bends nicely. Draw is smooth and it is easy to target practice with this bow.
  • The wood used to make the riser are chuglam, gmelina arborea, and beech. It gets its' pale yellow to cream colored look from these wood. Wood is taken from most durable trees in Asia. It looks similar to other more expensive bows.
  • Take down and setup is easy.

SAS Courage Takedown Recurve Bowrecommended

Wood limb with fiberglass face
Rise made of Bintangor, Makore and Chuglam hard woods
Overall length 60"
Limbs are made of Maple and Makore wood lamination. Faced with high strength fiberglass.
No stringer or manual included
Right Hand bow

This is a very good and beautiful bow for both practising and hunting. Go for this if you are a beginner and you want to use the same bow for hunting after you learn and practice with it.

One of the best survival takedown bow

We recommend itrecommended
We highly recommend this.

The Good

  • This is a beautiful hunting bow, has a spectacular craftsmanship to it. The larger grip is very comfortable when holding the bow.
  • Setup and take down is very easy but you have to use the included hex key.
  • It has a smooth draw and it makes hitting your target easier. It feels very solid and pretty well balanced.